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Recent courses taught: Marketing, International Marketing I and II, Business Economics and Management I and II, Euro Marketing Management, Marketing of Fishery Products, Quality Economic Evaluation.


Academic curriculum:


Born in 1935  A.Lokar obtained Commercial Diploma in 1953 and the Scientific one in 1954, graduating at university in 1960 in the technological sector. In 1963 he entered as assistant professor to the Commodity Science Institute of the University of Trieste, carrying out various research projects.

In 1970 he obtained a teaching task at the Economic Faculty of Ancona, Italy. In 1971 he won the Fulbright award and obtained a visiting professorship in the US, at the UNO university.

In 1975 he won the concourse of extraordinary professor at the Faculty of Economy and Commerce in Ancona, becoming three years later ordinary professor at the same Faculty, of which he has been also dean for a short period and director of the Institute of Business Studies.

From 1978 he was professor at the University of Urbino, where he was also Director of the Institute of Business Studies.

In 1986 he was called with the staff of the new Faculty of Economic and Banking Sciences of the University of Udine. Until 1989 he covered the task of member of the Technical Committee of the Faculty and director of the Institute of Financial and Economic Sciences. From 1989 he operated as docent and consultant in transitional countries of Central-East Europe, cooperating at the realization of several projects, like, for instance, the entrepreneurship school Gea College in Ljubljana, the banking joint-venture Probanka, Maribor and others.

At present he is covering the chair of International Marketing at the university of Udine.

In 1994 he was elected member of AIDEA the italian business academy. In 1995 he covered the role of President of the Phd College in Organizational and Business Studies at the University of Udine.

From 1998 to 2001 he covered the position of director of the Department of Economic Sciences at the University of Udine.

Prof. Lokar published more than 100 articles and some text books in the national and international literature, treating mostly problems regarding technological and systemic themes of business. In the last years his first interest is concentrated on strategic problems of enterprises in transition. The last papers deal with the problem of the influence of cultural diversities on the management of international companies.



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