Consortium Member 3 (CM3) – Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria, (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - WU) is founded 1898. It is the biggest university for Economic Sciences in Europe. It has an attractive study offer, an efficient study curriculum and a wide range of study specializations and orientations. Doctoral studies with a long history were introduced in 1930. There are presently 11 Departments, with more that 410 faculty staff members (more than 80 full time professors), with 20.000 students. The campus is located in four main buildings and is situated close to the city centre of Vienna with a big number of facilities. More that 20% of the students are foreign students and there are more than 500 exchange students. WU is cooperating with 196 foreign universities, many of which are located in Eastern Europe. WU adopted three-cycle system in 2006. At present, there are several Master programs: Business Education, Business Law, Economics, Finance and Accounting, General Management, Information Systems, International Business, International Management, Marketing, etc. Many of these programs are certificated. The University expertise in this project is mostly in the areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. (www.wu-wien.ac.at)

           Consortium Member 4 (CM4) - Cracow University of Economics, Poland, whose origin dates back to 1925, is one the five public universities of economics in Poland. The University offers study programs at all study levels and educates about 20 thousand students. Master studies are offered within four Faculties of CUE: Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Commodity Science. CUE also offers postgraduate studies which are designed for candidates holding a university degree, who want to develop expert, professional qualifications. Two-semester postgraduate studies are offered in more than 40 majors, three-semester studies in three majors. There are four types of four-semester studies with Polish and English as a language of instruction: Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration in E-Business, Master of Business Administration in Technology Management, Master of Public Administration. They have about 140 partners around the world, cooperating with universities and various international organizations from Europe, America and Asia. Their experience in rationalization of Economics Study and Business Management is f great importance for this project. The University expertise in this project is mostly in the areas 1, 2, 3,4 and 5. (www.ae.Cracow.pl)

           Consortium Member 6 (CM6) - The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (UITM), Poland, was founded on March the 8th 1996 after the initiative of the Association of Entrepreneurship Promotion (AEP). The University of Information Technology and Management is the leader in comprehensive courses and number of students. The current number of students nears 8700. The university offers undergraduate studies in Economics, Tourism and Recreation, Information Technology and Econometrics, Public Administration, Journalism and Public Relations and graduate programs in Economics and Information Technologies. In 1999 Master study started in the next areas: Economy, Information Technology and Econometrics and Tourism and Recreation. The University employs 400 research-didactic workers, including 237 permanent employees. The staff consists of: 66 independent research workers: full-time professors and associate professors, including 36 for whom the UITM is the main place of work, 95 PhDs, including 57 for whom the UITM is the main place of work, 89 assistants and 16 language teachers. This university will have very important role on this project, as the University has great reputation in the fields of facilities modernization, long-distance learning and information system support in all students’ services (www.wsiz.rzeszow.pl)






Faculty of Economics, Djure Pucara Starog 3, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

tel. +38134303502, fax. +38134303516


             Consortium Member 1 (CM1) - University of Udine, Department of Economic Science (DES), Italy, Grant Applicant, is a partner from EU with broad experience in Economics. Department of Economic Science has achieved respectable results in new methodologies and techniques in teaching process dominantly supported by information and communication technologies. The University has co-operation agreements in Socrates, Leonardo, Alfa programmes, EU/USA, under the framework of mobility and project co-operation and has more than 200 partner institutions in 32 countries. More than 300 students from the University of Udine are studying or doing one-year practical training abroad every year, while at the same time over 250 international mobility students study in different programmes at the University of Udine. At present, the University of Udine is the contractor for four Tempus/Cards JEPs (CD 41146 – 2006, UM 17060-02, CD 17027-02 and CD 18107-03). In this project CM1 has specific expertise in area of outcomes achievement: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 and especially for Curricula restructuring. (www.uniud.it)





           Consortium Member 5 (CM5) - Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, was established in 1991. Its main role is the research in the areas of management from macro and micro perspective and education of the students in the above mentioned fields. The study programmes include studies for bachelor and master degrees and PhD. The study programme at Faculty of Management follows the principles of ECTS. The number of students in all programmes reaches 3220 students yearly. The structure of academicians is as follows: full-time professors (10), associate professors (18), researchers (7), lecturers (25), instructors (18). The study programme in master degree is divided into the following specializations: Financial Management and Financial Services, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Management of Organizations and Human Resource Management, European Integration, Strategic Management. Faculty of Management have been supported by the following grand programmes: Mellon Foundation (1993-1999), TEMPUS programme (1999-2002), PECO programme (2003-2006), IST programme (2003-2006) (www.uniba.sk)

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Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration


Cracow University of Economics,


University of Information Technology and Management,

Rzeszow, Poland

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Faculty of Management at Comenius University in Bratislava